Yancy Villa-Calvo

Barrier Free: A Socially Engaged Art Installation

To support the power of art to celebrate diversity, create empathy, and unite communities. Reflecting on the controversially proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Barrier Free is a large-scale art installation that engages the audience to express themselves by questioning physical and intangible barriers that divide families and communities through deportation, travel bans, mass incarceration, intolerance, and discrimination. Barrier Free uses symbols centering around nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation and identity, gender and socioeconomic status. The goals of Barrier Free Art are to engage diverse groups in self-expression and reflection, to provoke empathy and to encourage active civic engagement.

At a Glance

Project Title

Barrier Free: A Socially Engaged Art Installation

NFA Category

NALAC Fund for the Arts Artist Grant





Primary Social Theme



Washington, D.C.; Memphis, TN