Violeta Luna

Sanct·u·are / (sanc·tu·ar·y)

To support the development and presentation of Sanct•u•are / (sanc•tu•ar•y) a performance piece that merges the current concept of “sanctuary city” – a sheltering place for immigrants, with a basic principle of socially engaged performance, that of being a safe space for the expression of the unsafe. Building on previous works by Luna addressing immigrant narratives, this work is intended as a reminder of another basic principle in any civil society, that of the inviolability of the other, in this case, the “Latinx/Other.” This project will be presented at Galería de la Raza in San Francisco, CA.

At a Glance

Project Title

Sanct·u·are / (sanc·tu·ar·y)

NFA Category

NALAC Fund for the Arts Artist Grant





Primary Social Theme



San Francisco, CA

Collaborator/Mentee Name

Galería de la Raz, Jen Cohen-Video, David Molina- Musician, Roberto Varea- founder of El Teatro Jornalero