Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

“How to build a wall and other ruins”

To support “How to build a wall and other ruins,” a two-channel video installation and a series of photographic works that reference anthropology, engineering, architecture and art history. The project uses YouTube how-to videos, tourism photographs and anthropological reenactments that are ubiquitous on the Internet as a way to investigate labor and its documentation, the integration of theory and practice, and the intersection of documentary, ethnographic and performance-based filmmaking. While the project focuses on Ingapirca, Ecuador (the largest known ruin in Ecuador), it alludes to the political debates currently being waged about borders, citizenship, and effective border enforcement through the construction of a physical barrier along the U.S./Mexico border.

At a Glance

Project Title

“How to build a wall and other ruins”

NFA Category

NALAC Fund for the Arts Artist Grant




Visual Arts

Primary Social Theme



Ingapirca, Ecuador; New York, NY