ire'ne lara silva

Naci, a novel

To support the creation and development of ire’ne lara silva’s fourth book and first novel, Naci. Naci is the story of an indigenous/Mexican-American hermaphrodite born in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. It’s a region dominated by differentiations: agricultural/urban, Mexican/American, citizen/ immigrant/undocumented, white/black/indigenous/‘brown’, poor/working-class/affluent, educated/illiterate, and assimilated/traditional. Extreme poverty, drug-related violence, and the omnipresence of the Border Patrol also have a devastating impact on the area. These borders, demarcations, and sites of conflict are manifested in the body and life experiences of the title character, Naci.

At a Glance

Project Title

Naci, a novel

NFA Category

NALAC Fund for the Arts Artist Grant





Primary Social Theme

LGBTQ Rights


Austin, TX