Gabriela Lena Frank & Marco-Adrián Ramos

Veinte Dedos: Latin American Voices for Four-Hand Piano

To support the creation of two major four-hand (one piano) suites exploring Latin American identity for the Grammy-nominated ensemble ZOFO, mentor and composer Gabriela Lena Frank and mentee Marco-Adrián Ramos will draw on their respective Peruvian and Mexican heritages to innovate repertoire that is historically Eurocentric through an exploration of Latin American folk song narratives and instrumental techniques. The mentorship will evolve through an apprenticehip model including: civic engagement; shared classroom instruction in music composition at the rural Anderson Valley High School in Boonville, CA; and full participation in the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music, a non-profit non-academic training institution providing short-residency practicums to diverse emerging composers with an additional focus on professional development. In 2018, ZOFO will be a featured guest ensemble at the Academy.

At a Glance

Project Title

Veinte Dedos: Latin American Voices for Four-Hand Piano

NFA Category

NALAC Fund for the Arts Mentorship Artist Grant





Primary Social Theme



New York, NY; Boonville, CA

Collaborator/Mentee Name

Marco-Adrián Ramos and ZOFO