Alfredo Alcántara and Isabel Alcántara

The Age of Water

To support communities impacted by lack of water security in Mexico, The Age of Water is a documentary by siblings Alfredo and Isabel Alcántara that follows the story of a young mother who, while trying to find out why her town’s children are dying of leukemia, inadvertently uncovers Mexico’s dark business of water. Drawing inspiration from the handheld camerawork of Moonlight cinematographer James Laxton, The Age of Water sculpts striking scenes where intimate camera movement becomes a vehicle for characters’ thoughts and raw emotions. This film will channel water’s grand and poetic essence through epic nature photography. This grant will serve as a propelling force in a critical juncture of this project after two years of research and development and one year of production.

At a Glance

Project Title

The Age of Water

NFA Category

NALAC Fund for the Arts Artist Grant




Media Arts

Primary Social Theme

Human Rights


Mexico; Brooklyn, NY

Collaborator/Mentee Name

Isabel Alcántara